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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Berlin Conspiracy, by Tom Gabbay ($7.99)

I read The Tehran Conviction, Tom Gabbay's latest book, enjoyed it, and finally decided to read his first book, The Berlin Conspiracy. And I enjoyed this very much as well!

Gabbay has made an interesting period of time (President Kennedy's visit to Berlin) even more interesting. Of course, there's a Cold War conspiracy involved. However, Gabbay's book is more than just a nod and a wink to conspiracy theorists, it's also a thrilling story about an ex-CIA agent who is called back into action to meet with an East German military officer who may have some provocative information about a mole in the CIA. There are lots of agents, double-agents, moles and shifting allegiances and alliances.

Series star Jack Teller, the ex-CIA agent, drags his patriotism back out of mothballs to untangle what proves to be the mother of all conspiracies. Also at stake is a piece of Jack's personal puzzle. At the age of 13, German-born Jack left his family and emigrated to the United States. Returning to Berlin after three decades has brought back more than just vague memories, Jack is offered a real connection to his past.

Gabbay understands pacing very well. He also balances a complicated political story with a simpler story of people who must live in the shadow of the Berlin wall in the early 1960s.

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